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Payment and Shipping

Click here for the German version.

We offer you a variety of different ways to complete your payment. We want you to feel flexible and to feel free to choose the most comfortable way for your order.

The following conditions apply for your purchase on &


Shipping conditions

Free returns within Germany and Europe 1 

If you don’t like the products or if these haven’t fulfilled your expectations, you are welcome to send them within the cancellation period back to us.

You will find the shipping label attached in your order confirmation. If you cannot find this email anymore, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. We are very happy to help you.

Guaranteed delivery times

Unless there is another specified delivery time in the respective offer, the delivery of the goods inside Germany takes 1-4 working days after your conclusion of the contract. (only with an agreed advance payment). Please notice that there are no deliveries on Sundays and public holidays. Delivery time to foreign countries (EU or worldwide) is 5 - 7 business days, unless another delivery time is specified. 

The delivery time abroad (EU and worldwide) is 5-7 working days.

If you have ordered products with different specified delivery times, we will send these in one shipment to you, unless we have made a different agreement with you. By default the delivery time is determined by the product with the longest delivery time from your order.

We expect a particularly high volume of parcels on special days such as Black Friday or at Christmas time. We do everything in our power to ensure that you get your order as quickly as possible, but at this time may be minimal delays. If you have any questions here, feel very welcome to ask our support team about the shipment status of your parcel.

Handing over your delivery to a drop-off location or to a neighbour

Once your parcel has been delivered to a designated drop-off location or to your chosen neighbour, it is unfortunately not possible for the parcel service or us to continue to be liable for it. Therefore, please make sure that your parcel will be stored safely and weatherproof at the place of delivery and/or that your chosen neighbour is at home, so that our products reach you safely and in good condition.


Shipping costs

Germany (except various feeds from 5kg)

  • free shipping from 99€
  • free returns with DHL
  • minimal order value: 9 €
CountryDHL StandardUPS Saver Express
(For orders received by 13:00 delivery by the end of the following business day (Mon-Fri)*. *)
UPS Express 12:00
(If the order is received by 13:00, delivery on the following working day by 12:00 (Mon-Fri)*.)
Germany 4,99 € (free shipping from 99 €*) 9,90 € 14,90 €

*For different types of feed from 5 kg, see the next table.

Germany Feed

  • free DHL return
  • Minimum order value: 9 €
CountryGewichtDHL Paket
Germany up to 15kg 6,95 €
Germany up to 30kg 11,95 €
Germany up to 45kg 24,95 €
Germany up to 60kg 29,95 €
Germany up to 75kg 34,95 €
Germany up to 90kg 39,95 €
Germany up to 105kg 44,95 €
Germany up to 120kg 49,95 €

Europe 1

  • free DHL return
  • Minimum order value: 9€
CountryDHL Standard
Delivery up to 5 days on delivery time indication*
UPS Express Saver
For orders received by 13:00 delivery by the end of the following business day (Mon-Fri)*
Austria 8,90 € 15,90 €
Belgium 8,90 € 15,90 €
Netherlands 8,90 € 15,90 €
Luxembourg 8,90 € 15,90 €


Europe 2

  • Minimum order value: 9€
CountryUPS Standard
Delivery up to 5 days on delivery time indication*
UPS Express Saver
If the order is received by 13:00, delivery by the end of the following working day (Mon-Fri)*
France 13,90 € 17,90 €
Poland 13,90 € 17,90 €
Slovenia 13,90 € 17,90 €
Slovakai 13,90 € 17,90 €
Denmark 13,90 € 17,90 €
Czech Republic 13,90 € 17,90 €
Italy 13,90 € 17,90 €
Spain 13,90 € 17,90 €
Sweden 13,90 € 17,90 €
Croatia 13,90 € 17,90 €
Portugal 13,90 € 17,90 €
Ireland 13,90 € 17,90 €
Hungary 13,90 € 17,90 €


Europe 3

  • Minimum order value: 9€
CountryUPS Standard
Delivery up to 7 days on delivery time indication*
UPS Express Saver
Delivery in 1-5 days after order during the delivery day(Mon-Fri)*
UPS Express
Delivery in 1-3 days after order until 12:00 noon of the delivery day (Mon-Fri)*
Bulgaria 13,90 €  27,80 € 32,90 €
Estonia 13,90 €  27,80 € 32,90 €
Finland 13,90 €  27,80 € 32,90 €
Greece 13,90 €  27,80 € 32,90 €
Lithuania 13,90 €  27,80 € 32,90 €
Romania 13,90 €  27,80 € 32,90 €
Cyprus 13,90 €  27,80 € 32,90 €


*If your order is placed on a weekend , your order will begin processing the next business day.

For our swiss customers

We deliver tax-free to Switzerland. The prices will be adjusted in the checkout. If we deliver your order to Switzerland, additional duties, taxes or fees may apply, which you do not have to pay to us, but to the responsible customs or tax authorities. You can possibly contact the customs or tax authorities before placing your order.

Alternatively you can place your order through our partner “MeinEinkauf GmbH”.

Through you can easily shop at our webshop at low shipping cost and, above all, WITHOUT custom duties.



Please note the following:

1. Register at You will receive a personal email address here. (

2. With this personal mail address you can after this create a customer account in our onlineshops.

3. Place yout order at our shops using your meineinkauf-mail address.

4. lease use ONLY the following as shipping and billing address:

MeinEinkauf GmbH
, Maybachstraße 19, D-78467 Konstanz

In addition tot the correct addressing to MeinEinkauf GmbH please also pay attention to chose the correct payment method.

5. All the order and shipping information will automatically be forwarded from your MeinEinkauf email address to your private email address.

At the same time the team of MeinEinkauf remains informed about the order status so that it can be sent to your address in Switzerland as quickly as possible.

You can view the order status approx. 48h. after order receipt on under “My Orders”

6. Die bestellte Ware zahlst du direkt in unserem Shop. Mit deiner Ware erhältst du dann eine separate Rechnung über die Servicegebühr von

IMPORTANT: The return costs from Switzerland are not covered by & The customer by himself is responsible for the return from Switzerland and must bear the costs.

Please notice, that if there are any problems or questions about the MeinEinkauf GmbH service, you are very welcome to contact the MeinEinkauf customer support team. and have no connection to this company. We only show the possibility to dispatch processing by this company.


Terms of payment

You are welcome to choose the best payment option for your order. There are no extra fees!

We do not pass on the fees of the payment service providers to you. You only pay for the product. All costs incurred in addition to the purchase price for the product when ordering, we bear for you

With us you can pay relaxed by the usual online payment methods. Whether credit card, PayPal, Sofortüberweisung - we want it to be as convenient and secure as possible for you.

However - and this is important to know - we have no influence on which payment method is available to you in each individual case. The payment service providers decide that all by themselves according to their own rules. So sometimes it can happen that you are not offered a certain payment method because the payment service provider has decided so. Not cool, we know that. But unfortunately, it's out of our hands.

Nevertheless, we do our best to always offer you a good selection of payment options. So, don't worry - in most cases the payment works smoothly and as you wish.


Your choice of payment options:


You transfer the invoice amount in advance to our account, which is specified in the order confirmation. Immediately after receipt of the invoice amount, your ordered products will be shipped.


You can also find the account details for the prepayment here:

Volksbank in Südwestfalen
Kontoinhaber: REFRESH Internet GmbH
IBAN: DE06 4476 1534 0509 1562 02

Please include your order and invoice numbers as the intended use for payment.

Payment by direct debit (a PayPal Plus service)

After completing your order, you will be redirected to the payment dialog of the PayPal service provider. PayPal offers you the highest possible data security. You can enter your bank details here. The invoice amount will be collected by PayPal and will automaticly be transferred to us. Of course, there are not any additional costs for this payment possibility. It is not necessary to register at PayPal using this service option. 

Find the conditions for purchasing with this payment method here.


Payment by PayPal (a PayPal Plus service)

When paying with PayPal you will be redirected to the PayPal payment dialog. You can enter your PayPal user date here and pay as usual using your PayPal user account. Therefore you need a PayPal account using this payment method. Of course there are no additional costs by using this payment option. You can set up a PayPal user account here.



Klarna invoice (fee of 0€/order)

In coorperation with our partner Klarna, we can now offer you the most popular payment method in Germany! Purchase on account. After your order you will first of all receive your goods and can pay the invoice amount within 14 days directly to Klarna. You can also extend the payment term. Of course there are no additional costs choosing this payment option. This payment option is available in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.


Klarna installment plan purchase

With Klarna’s installment plan purchase system you are able to determinate the periods, in which you want to pay for your order. After ordering you receive your goods and then pay the outstanding amount easily in monthly steps. All purchases you make with Klarna are collected in a monthly invoice. You can decide each month what amount you like to pay.

This payment option is only available in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.


Klarna pay now

For this instant transfer option, you do not need to register at Klarna: You can pay quickly and easy with your own online banking data. Thanks to real-time confirmation, we can send you your goods immediately after receiving the payment. This payment method is only available in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.



Amazon Pay
If you are already an Amazon customer, you do not need to create another account! You can just easily log-in with your Amazon account data. After this simply click on the amazon pay button and select your preferred payment and delivery option.


kavalio & WOOF& WAG contribution to environmental protection

We believe that everyone can make a little difference! Choosing kavalio or WOOF&WAG  you decide to make your contribution to environmental protection.

We refrain from shipping in plastic outer packaging, while many campanies ship in plastic bags due to the lower shipping prices and the lower price material. In our opinion we spent this higher contribution with pleasure to our environment. If you have any questions about the subject of environmental protection feel very welcome to contact our support team.


Do you have any further questions?

Please get in touch with us!

If there are any open questions about our shipping or payment options feel free to contact our customer team at or

You are also very welcome to contract us via via one of our many other contact points like Facebook, Instagram, telephone or WhatsApp during our opening hours!

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